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Do you have trouble navigating our new world of technology-driven marketing?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information and choices online?

Have you ever wished you had a tech-savvy partner looking out for your interests?

"I can't imagine navigating this tech world of marketing without you and we have only just begun. Looking forward to 2019!"

There is so much to consider if you want to get serious about getting results from the internet and digital marketing. Focusing on the wrong things is costly, in terms of the time you put in and the money you spend (often monthly) on tools/ apps/ services.

Imagine running a successful online store.

Having buzzing Facebook & Instagram pages.

Being found in Google by people across the U.S.

How can you do these things? In one of two ways...

The first is to get serious about learning this new world on your own. I can help you with that, and I am continually adding to my free resources on this website. Full disclosure: you will need to get comfortable with customizing settings and be willing to deal with various tech issues that inevitably come up. This is also a time-consuming path, so I suggest taking time in winter when the bees are tucked in their hives!

My hope is that you may benefit from what I've learned over 20 years in digital marketing and website design, much of which I share here free of charge.

The second approach is to partner with me so that I may guide you. My aim will be to get your business and bee products in front of the folks most likely to buy from you, by using a mix of tech strategies to increase your online visiblity and sales. To the extent possible, I'll insulate you from the tech that underlies what we're doing. By taking innumerable decisions off your plate, I'll leave you free to focus on the parts of your business that you know best and enjoy most.

Would it help to talk your thoughts through with an expert?

Hop on a 15 minute call with me... tell me all your tech hopes and troubles, and I'll see what I can recommend right away to get you on the right track. No strings attached, this is not a sales call. Just a friendly chat with someone (that's me, Elise) who wants to help as many folks who love bees as possible!

"Your passion for bees makes you a perfect fit but this would not be enough on its own. Your knowledge of the technical aspects of cutting through the clutter is important to me. There are so many nuances to website development and brand promotion that it would be difficult for most non-internet small businesses to navigate them." — Kent Pegorsch, Beekeeper and WHPA President

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Wondering who I am and why I'm doing this?

Honey bee on crocus

I love bees. I've always loved bees. I take many photos of bees, some of which you can see on my website at Enlightened Bugs. In 2010, I started savebees.org (super-small at first) in order to share my love of bees—and steps anyone could take to help them—with a wider audience.

I believe great branding (in fact everything good) creates feelings of delight and surprise. Surfing the web these days is so often either a totally boring experience, or involves such a great deal of time and irritation as to be downright infuriating! Websites all look so unmemorably similar to each other, and even worse, they're often slow, glitchy, and hard to use. I love to build beautiful websites and unique, striking brands that stand out and attract your perfect customers.

For two decades, I’ve helped turn business ideas into successful ventures. I have helped build tech brands that attracted tens of millions of dollars in funding. In 2018, I decided to bring my knowledge—how to build and market a successful online business—to the world that I’m most passionate about: bees!

For each project, I work directly with you, bringing 20 years of web design and digital marketing experience to focus on your project. I work from my home office in the woods of southern Oregon. When you call or email, I’ll be the one you speak with each time. The only background buzzes you’ll hear are from my backyard bees.

Speaking of calling or emailing...

"I really enjoy working with you and appreciate your enthusiasm. I sometimes find myself wondering, WWED - What would Elise do? Or WWET - What would Elise think?"

Get answers to your most pressing tech questions by booking your 15 minute call with me today! I'll listen to your problems and offer genuine help in return. No strings attached, this is not a sales call. Just a friendly chat with someone (that's me, Elise) who wants to help as many folks who love bees as possible!

The sooner you book a quick call, the sooner you can begin taking positive steps forward with the tech side of your bee business.

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Much as I'd love to speak to you, it's totally ok to email me as well if you'd like.

Elise Fog

I'm Elise Fog, and I help beekeepers sell more honey to more people, by leveling up their online marketing.

I 💛 bees, and happen to take many bee photos. I also spread the buzz about the vital importance of bees at savebees.org 🐝