Packaging honey to create memorable unboxing experiences

Today, I’d like to share my thoughts on creating memorable unboxing experiences as a way to increase your sales and profitability. The product unboxing experience is so often neglected by companies (except Apple)! Unboxing offers a fantastic opportunity to increase your customer’s enthusiasm for your brand, extend your story and messaging past the initial sale, … Continued

Sell more honey by increasing web traffic

People struggle most with two things when it comes to running e-commerce stores. One is converting the traffic you’re getting into buyers and repeat customers (we’ve already covered some strategies for this). The other big struggle is finding traffic in the first place (and increasing it over time). Let’s talk about finding sources of website … Continued

Creating a compelling honey brand

You’ve been thinking recently about the importance of building a unique, memorable honey brand. How you present your honey has a direct impact on how likely someone is to buy it (especially if you’re not at an event where the taste speaks for itself). By creating a compelling brand, your honey will appeal more strongly … Continued

Tips for taking irresistible honey photos

Today I’d like to share some photo tips for making your honey and other bee products look irresistible on the web. By creating photos that stand out, you gain a couple of things: you make your honey and other bee products seem more desirable, and you also make your website itself appear more trustworthy. The … Continued