Best ecommerce platform for beekeepers

Choosing the right ecommerce platform is critical to your success. You need to consider shipping costs and tracking, ease of checkout and payment methods, integration with social media, point of sale devices (if you also sell in-person), and more. My recommendation? Nothing comes close to Shopify for you and for your customers.

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Writing compelling honey descriptions

Writing for ecommerce is not your standard copywriting. You need to write for three types of readers. First, folks in a hurry who scan pages quickly. Second, people who enjoy a good story and have time on their hands. Third, search engines... yes, they read too, and they read differently than humans :) There's a formula for writing good ecommerce product descriptions. I'll even give it to you!

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Creating memorable honey "unboxing experiences"

In this 17 minute video, I'll walk you through unboxing Beesponsible Honey, and discuss why the unboxing experience is an oft-neglected, yet critical, component of online selling. A good unboxing experience increases repeat customers, as well as making your company more memorable (and shareable). There's a reason Apple tests hundreds of box designs in order to get the unboxing experience just right.

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Promoting your honey website

There are two problems that all online store owners face. The first is converting website traffic into sales. The second is getting website traffic to begin with. Let's talk about that second problem, and look at various approaches for solving it. We'll look at what's involved in promoting your products on Google Local, Amazon, Yelp, Etsy, and social media.

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Differentiating your honey brand

Selling online involves competing with thousands of stores mere clicks away. It's no wonder store owners struggle to have their stores found. The solution? Identify what's unique about your company and your products. It may sound counter-intuitive, but by appealing strongly to a small group—instead of appealing weakly to a large number of folks—you're far more likely to be found and to make sales.

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Shooting irresistible honey photos

There's a fundamental problem with selling honey online: no one can taste it. Until a USB-tasting device is invented (hah!), you'll have to rely on compelling product descriptions and excellent product photography. There's simply nothing else to judge your honey by. Here I walk you through two variations: isolated products on a white background, and natural products with a creative backdrop.

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Elise Fog

I'm Elise Fog, and I help beekeepers sell more honey to more people, by leveling up their online marketing.

I 💛 bees, and happen to take many bee photos. I also spread the buzz about the vital importance of bees at 🐝