Writing compelling honey descriptions

Many people think their Home page is the most important page on their website, and they spend all kinds of time trying to get it right. On the contrary, the product page is always the most important page on an e-commerce website. It’s the page that makes the actual sale. It’s the page that people see first if they do a search on Google and find you.  It’s also the page that people are most likely to share on social media. A shorter product page is not a better product page. The more text content you have on each page, ...  Read more

Creating memorable honey "unboxing experiences"

Today, I’d like to share my thoughts on creating memorable unboxing experiences as a way to increase your sales and profitability. The product unboxing experience is so often neglected by companies (except Apple)! Unboxing offers a fantastic opportunity to increase your customer’s enthusiasm for your brand, extend your story and messaging past the initial sale, and ultimately deliver a memorable experience from start-to-finish. I’ll take you through the best honey unboxing experience I’ve had thus far, to give you ideas to encourage repeat customers and give them more reasons to share your brand and your products with their social networks....  Read more

Promoting your honey website

People struggle most with two things when it comes to running e-commerce stores. One is converting the traffic you’re getting into buyers and repeat customers (we’ve already covered some strategies for this). The other big struggle is finding traffic in the first place (and increasing it over time). Let’s talk about finding sources of website traffic (even if you have plenty of traffic coming in, it never hurts to have more)! Move in-person events traffic online One technique is to take existing offline traffic and move it online. Why would you do this? So that you can build a steady...  Read more

Differentiating your honey brand

Bee authentic To be successful (especially online, with competition just clicks away), your brand needs to differentiate itself in such a way as to convey additional value to prospective buyers. How you present your honey has a direct impact on how likely someone is to buy it (especially if you’re not at an event where the taste speaks for itself). By highlighting what makes your particular brand unique, your bee products will appeal more strongly to people, and you’ll sell more. What I’d like to delve into today is how to identify your unique story: the personality behind your brand. By...  Read more

Shooting irresistible honey photos

Online customers judge by looking I’d like to share some photo tips for making your honey and other bee products look irresistible on the web. By creating photos that stand out, you gain a couple of things: you make your honey and other bee products seem more desirable, and you also make your website itself appear more trustworthy. The actual photography itself is something that may take some time and experimentation to get right. But you can do a pretty good job if you set up your product shots correctly. Or you can use these ideas and hire a photographer,...  Read more

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