Case Study: Bee-Licious Honey

Jeff & Jennifer met me at an exciting point in their beekeeping business. They’d been in business for 1-1/2 years, and their most effective sales channels were word-of-mouth and in-store presence. They’d just had a new logo and honey labels designed, but their web presence was almost nonexistent.

They’d tried building a simple website for their products themselves, but the whole experience was very minimal and generic, and no one was buying anything from them online. They’d also tried using Facebook’s store functionality, but again had attracted little interest.

They wanted their website to boost their existing sales, replicating their face-to-face and retail success online. Doing so would free them up from selling in-person at so many events (with all the time- and travel-related expenses entailed). They’d also be less dependent on wholesaling to retail stores.

They had a great new look, and their products stood out, but they felt they were missing out on exciting opportunities for business growth on the web. Their honey, wax, and other bee-related product sales were already strong. If only they could bring their store directly to enthusiastic customers online!

Bee-Licious Honey

We discussed a number of strategies for building and promoting a successful web storefront that would attract people and turn them into loyal buyers (who’d then spread the word about Bee-Licious Honey to their own social circles… just like bees with their waggle dances)!

The goal of our first phase was to create a beautiful and memorable bee-spoke website, built from the ground up to showcase their new brand, make online shopping a pleasure, and encourage people to share.

By doing so, we’d increase the likelihood people would make a first-time purchase, increase the amount they’d spend (their “customer lifetime value”), and kickstart their desire to share Bee-Licious Honey with their networks. The first stage of this project is now complete:

The next phase of the project will be promotion: involving search engine optimization, email marketing, and social networks to raise brand awareness and bring in new and repeat customers. The goal will be to accelerate sales growth by driving traffic (just the kind most likely to turn into real buyers), as well as by personalizing buyers’ experiences, and then fine-tuning by analyzing and acting on analytics.

Increasing customer loyalty will be one area of focus: bringing in ongoing revenue from existing customers, and getting these folks to do some of the marketing for Bee-Licious—out of pure love! Bringing in new customers will be another area of focus: highly targeted Facebook marketing will be one method, and search engines, especially localized search traffic, will be another.

If you’re excited about similar results for your bee business, I’d love to work with you to figure out what your next steps are. I only want to work with you if I’m confident I can generate a positive return on your investment. Move forward with a profitable digital strategy by booking a 15 minute call with me today!

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