Photoshop Touchup for Bee Products

Photoshop is not magic. But it can be close, sometimes.

The shots above are my Photoshopped version of originals created by the beekeeper with my guidance. Here are a few highlights of my Photoshop work:

  • Create two more varietals "virtually" (orange blossom and buckwheat) based on one original shot (wildflower).
  • Increase clarity, saturation and vibrance slightly beyond real-life in order to create a more appealing online presentation.
  • "Cut out" all products by hand (with a digital pen on a tablet) in order to remove them from their original background completely.
  • Remove all dust specks, correct visual imperfections in plastic lids, and reduce any unwanted reflections.
  • Relabel a couple "virtually", and repair other labels as needed, brightening consistently so that all labels look consistent across all products.
  • Add realistic semi-transparent shadows below each product.
  • Create semi-transparency around the edge of the comb honey case.
  • All work above allows for high-resolution printing of all product photos against any background.

A digital display of all the products, optimized for a Facebook header in this case. All the flowers, herbs, and such have been chosen based on what's in each product, and have been "cut out" digitally by my hand (all at high/print-resolution).

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