Bee-spoke Website



Grow your bee business by expanding your sales profitably online!

Together we’ll create a beautiful and memorable bee-spoke website, built from the ground up to showcase your brand, make online shopping a pleasure, and encourage people to spread the word to their own social circles… just like bees with their waggle dances!

Our focus will be on business results: we’ll increase the likelihood people will make a first-time purchase, increase the amount they spend (their “customer lifetime value”), and kickstart their desire to share your brand and do some of your marketing for you—out of pure love!

If you ask online store owners, the two biggest struggles they face are: converting traffic into actual sales, and getting that traffic to begin with.

How you design and build your website directly impacts the first challenge: converting traffic into sales (and the methods you use to promote your website—and the consistency with which you apply them—directly affects the second: increasing traffic to your website).

How your website should look to customers:

  • Speedy website that loads pages and photos fast
  • The website looks and performs great wherever it is viewed: a tiny mobile device, an ultra-wide screen, or anything in between
  • Beautiful product photos that pop with color and clarity
  • Compelling and memorable product descriptions
  • Website has personality throughout
  • Shopping experience feels inviting and fun

How your website should look to you:

  • Increasing website sales and growing customer base over months
  • Customer behavior tracked over time to enable personalization
  • Traffic sources, conversion rates, and visitor behavior analyzed
  • Likes and engagement growing on social networks
  • Easy to manage your store and products
  • Easy to see your most recent store sales statistics

Really nice things to have:

  • Discounted printable shipping labels
  • Free swipe/chip reader sharing all online products/inventory
  • Instant integration with Facebook’s Shop and Reviews tabs
  • All product links as Buyable Pins when shared on Pinterest
  • Subtle animations to draw attention to key points or areas
  • Customers leave reviews directly from within automated emails

I work with your existing logo, messaging, and product photos to create a custom website designed expressly for bringing in more people and converting them into loyal customers who’ll happily spread the word about you.

Typical project duration is 4-6 weeks. I will present various choices and my recommendation for which e-commcerce platform on which to build your new bee-spoke website (typical monthly costs are $30/month, paid to the e-commerce platform provider).

I only do one such project at a time, in order to give it all the attention it deserves alongside my other ongoing work. Currently I am booked until mid-June (2018), but I am happy to add your project to my list starting then!

Have questions? Book a free call with Elise (just a friendly chat, not a sales call). I only want to work with you if I’m confident I can generate a positive return on your investment!