Copywriting & Messaging



What you say can help you build a brand that stands out from your competitors, creates trust more quickly, and increases people’s desire to buy—and to spread the word about—your products and services.

Communicating your uniqueness and the value of your bee products and services can be difficult, especially when you’re immersed in your own business. And yet this messaging is crucial, not only for search engines and social media, but also for building trust with customers and increasing the likelihood they make a purchase on your website.

I’ll work with you to develop a distinctive tone of voice for your brand, create new product descriptions that extend your brand’s personality, and conceive of and write new content (pages and blog posts) for your website to amplify your message and increase demand for your bee products.

Before you write a single blog post, product description, or email newsletter, you have to know exactly who you’re writing for. Too many companies write bland content at people, when they should be writing interesting content for people.

By interviewing you, I learn all about your bee business and what makes it special. I’ll identify your unique story—the personality behind your brand—and write all your website copy, as well as messaging on honey labels and wherever else the written word appears in your materials.

I will also work to position you as an authority in your market, which is a great way to attract loyal buyers. One good way to do this is to create interesting content that helps your customers level-up their honey knowledge (and gives them interesting talking points to share with others).

Writing and packaging up content like this enables you to build trust and personal connections with buyers. It works well at scale (you write it once, and reach as many people as you’d like with no added effort). Is is also helpful for advertising—by turning your most popular website content into shareable PDFs, you have instant, free downloads you can offer that attract your ideal buyers.

Here’s the sort of work I’ll do:

  • Identify several “personas” that represent your ideal customers
  • Work with you to develop a distinctive tone of voice for your brand
  • Create new product descriptions that extend your brand’s personality
  • Write new content (and conceive of new pages) for your website
  • Write several new blog posts to increase traffic from search engines
  • Create one or two nicely designed and branded informational PDFs