Growth Strategy



Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could put up a nice new website and be done with it? But having a successful e-commerce site involves an ongoing process of watching over it, seeing what’s working and what’s not, and making adjustments and improvements accordingly.

I’ll handle promotional activities to build your online sales through social media, email newsletters, blogging and personalization. I’ll also monitor your analytics to ensure that all your promotional activities are providing a good return. And I’ll guide you in choosing new promotional strategies to pursue.

You’ll receive monthly reports with a clear, high-level understanding of what we’ve achieved, what we’re working on, and what we’ll pursue next. We’ll also have a monthly call where I’ll be happy to field all of your questions and brainstorm strategies for business growth.

By its nature, this type of work is a longer-term investment, but it will pay off over time: it will bring in an ever-growing stream of new customers, as well as increase the value of your current customers (by driving up customer lifetime value).

This monthly service is an add-on to my Promotional Plan, for folks pursuing long-term growth. The promotional plan includes two months of this Growth Strategy. Importantly, it also allows us time for intensive strategy work before taking action. That planning sets the stage for the last two months of the plan, which are highly experimental tests and refinements of the plan we’ve created.