Logo & Labels



Just like colorful flowers for bees, a striking and memorable logo and honey labels will attract more people to your business.

People will remember you, they’ll feel more confident buying for the first time, and they’ll be willing to pay more for your bee products and services. A higher-end look and feel to your brand enables you to increase the perceived value of your products and services, whether you’re planning to have your bee products displayed on the web, in retail stores, at farmer’s markets, or at other local events.

Studies have shown that customers even experience increased satisfaction with products that cost more! Positive experiences with your brand translate into more social shares that bring even more people to you.

With this package, we first meet to discuss your brand’s unique identity and personality. Based on our discussions, I then give you several early design ideas from which to choose—crafted specifically to appeal strongly to your ideal customers. We then refine the one you like best, and set it up to print on business cards, honey labels, and wherever else you need it (tee shirts, signage, etc.)