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What is the driving force behind people committing to purchase? Why do people choose one honey over another?

Consider for a moment: a photograph of your honey jar sits on a website page, just as it would on a store shelf. In both cases, people can’t taste your honey, and there’s no one present who will do the selling for you.

But at least on a real store’s shelf, there aren’t thousands of competing honey jars nearby. On the web, vast numbers of competing products are mere clicks away. So even a honey label that “leaps off the shelf” isn’t enough online.

You may write wonderfully well, and still not write compelling product descriptions that will sell your honey online. Often times, it’s because you know beekeeping so well that it ends up being harder for you to hit on all the points that make your honey appear most desirable to others.

I think of times I’ve seen beekeepers talk on their websites about minimally straining honey to remove bee parts, something no normal honey buyer wishes to know! Or simply copying-and-pasting from other places, such as the National Honey Board materials.

We live in a world of duplicated text, but you're wasting your most valuable asset with search engines if you're repeating other people's writing word-for-word. And even more importantly, if you're not telling your own stories and communicating a unique message, you're losing potential sales now and in the future.

People communicate in stories. We remember things in stories. Telling stories is the most powerful marketing there is. Stories take on lives of their own, adapt over time, and are enthusiastically shared by your fans.

Imagine if your messaging was so well crafted and articulated that you'd stand out from your competitors, build trust with potential customers quickly, and increase the likelihood folks buy from you, as well as happily spread the word about their love of your company and its products (it's wonderful when your customers do some of your marketing for you)!

Communicating your uniqueness—and aligning it with the messaging that most resonates with your customers—is often possible only with the help of a guide who understands the complexity of marketing today, is in tune with technology, and recognizes the fundamental shifts in marketing required to appeal to younger generations.

Level-up your marketing with consistent, compelling storytelling

I’ll work with you to develop a distinctive tone of voice for your brand, create new product descriptions that extend your brand’s personality, and conceive of and write new content (pages and blog posts) for your website to amplify your message and increase demand for your products.

By interviewing you, I'll learn all about your bee business and what makes it special. I'll identify your unique story—the personality behind your brand—and write any piece of copy that you need to support and enhance this story.

I will also work to position you as an authority in your market, which is a great way to attract loyal buyers. One good way to do this is to create interesting content that helps your customers level-up their honey knowledge (and gives them interesting talking points to share with others). Packaging up content like this enables you to build trust and 'personal connections' with buyers at scale.

"I also think what people should realize is the complexity of marketing today. You are now competing against businesses that can spend hundreds of thousands on a 30 second video. That is where advice from someone like you could make the difference if you truly want to sell more honey or your honey at a higher price."

How we'll do this and what you'll get

Here's the sort of exploratory branding work we'll do together:

  • Discuss the way in which your products are currently marketed, with an eye towards refining your marketing (or approaching it differently) to appeal as strongly as possible to your buyers
  • Identify several "personas" that represent your ideal customers, because all good writing is written with 'someone' in mind (otherwise writing is too often bland and forgettable, attempting to appeal to some vague 'everyone')
  • Work with you to develop a distinctive tone of voice for your brand, one which will set you apart from other beekeeping operations, and which will appear natural and authentic to prospective buyers (this will be something you can use everywhere, including in your social media posts)

And here are the sorts of pieces of content you might have me write:

  • Create new product descriptions that make it more likely folks will find your products online and purchase them
  • Write up your company's story in a way that builds trust and makes it appealing to share
  • Conceive of new pages and content for your website
  • Write new blog posts, primarily to increase traffic from search engines
  • Design nicely branded informational PDFs to offer new email subscribers
  • Write "shelf talkers" that highlight key flavor notes, health benefits, and other points if your honey is displayed in retail locations
  • Create printed inserts or leaflets that you can include when you package up your honey orders for mailing

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"I truly admire your attention to detail and love of honey and bees."

Have questions?

What's different about writing for the web? 

Writing for the web involves writing for many different readers—from people who'll simply scan your page, to folks who are easily drawn into longer stories, to computer algorithms (search engines "reading" your website). Where products are concerned, writing for the web also involves anticipating possible questions your visitors may have. So this ends up being a highly specialized form of copywriting.

Do my products need to have a broad appeal base to make my website successful?

I will likely encourage you to focus your messaging around what is unique and different about your honey and your company. On the web, you're competing on a global stage against thousands of brands. If there's nothing special about you, then you'll end up competing on price. On the other hand, if you focus on more of a niche, you'll appeal to a smaller group of people, but to those people you'll appeal far more strongly.

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