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When you’re displaying bee products online, there’s no way for people to taste or sample them. Excellent product photography can make your bee products irresistible. From lighting to angles to backdrops, professional photography creates desirability, builds trust, and adds to the perceived value of your products.

Even if you're a good amateur photographer, there are special considerations around taking good shots that sell products. Honey jars happen to be one of the most challenging subjects to shoot (glass reflections and the fact you can see through honey both pose particular challenges).

I've partnered with a local product photographer who does a fantastic job shooting honey and has the professional setup (with an extensive array of special lighting gear) to do this properly.

We'll discuss various options for how you'd like your product photography to look (natural backgrounds, transparent backgrounds, etc.) and then I'll have your products photographed and Photoshopped so that they look fantastic.

Interested in seeing an example of some of the honey product photography that I've delivered for my clients in partnership with a local photographer? Take a look at all the products sold by Bee-Licious Honey, for whom I also built a Starter 'Hive' Website.

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