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You have a great product. And you'd love to sell it online. There's the promise of connecting with customers anywhere.

Perhaps you've tried setting up a simple web store, using one of the many possible tools to do so. If so, you've likely noticed those tools are fairly limited: as a result, it's hard to present your products well. You end up with something that doesn't represent your vision and brand as it should.

Worse, your website is lost in a sea of vast competition on the web. It's not so surprising then, that you end up with weak online sales as a result.

Have you ever put a website up, shared some posts on Facebook, and expected to expand your market... only to be totally disappointed?

There are many pieces that need to be in place in order to have a successful website.

If you're missing any one of these pieces, the outcome of all your other efforts will be significantly reduced.

Avoid spending your time and money doing the wrong things (or doing nothing at all). Often all it takes to move forward is talking to the right person at the right time.

Imagine having a trusted advisor who can guide you through the labyrinth of tech choices. Someone who genuinely cares about you and your business. Freeing you up to spend your time doing what you do best, leaving all the pieces you need help with to someone with the right expertise.

Then you'll be able to look upon your website with delight, rather than embarrassment or frustration.

Better yet, other people will be looking upon it too, since I'll help you attract visitors. Buying ones!

"I can't imagine navigating this tech world of marketing without you and we have only just begun. Looking forward to 2019!" — Kent Pegorsch, Beekeeper and WHPA President

How this all works

At the beginning of each month, we get on a call to discuss what our priorities should be for the coming month. Then I work on our areas of focus, for example, I might be working on building out your new website, or I might be designing packaging and labels, or I might be writing product descriptions and other messaging.

I can be flexible too. For example, let's say something comes up for which you suddenly decide you need some printed materials. In that case, we can shift our original scope accordingly, and I can get the printed materials ready right away.

For something like building a new website, we'll need a number of months (typically around 4-8 depending on the complexity of your project). If you need other things done alongside (such as copywriting and photography touchup), then it may take longer to complete everything. That said, we can always roll things out in phases on the web, so that your website is live sooner in the process.

"I also think what people should realize is the complexity of marketing today. You are now competing against businesses that can spend hundreds of thousands on a 30 second video. That is where advice from someone like you could make the difference if you truly want to sell more honey or your honey at a higher price." — Kent Pegorsch, Beekeeper and WHPA President"

Here are some of the things you can ask me to do. You can choose as much or as little as you'd like from each of these, so long as we agree on the combined work fitting inside our upcoming month:

And here are some approximate guidelines for how long things may take:

  • New Website: Typically 4-8 months
  • A Dozen Product Descriptions: Typically 3-4 weeks
  • Photo Enhancements for a Dozen Products: Tyically 2-3 weeks
  • Shelf Talker Design and Six Variants: Tyically 2-3 weeks

Ready to get started? Book a quick call to discuss how we might work together (or email me if you'd prefer).

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Have questions?

Can you show me a few websites you've built?

Certainly! Here's one I built recently and continue to manage: Dancing Bear Apiary. It is a custom website on Shopify, for which I also did the copywriting and messaging (including product descriptions), and the photography (including flower/spice graphics).

Here's another I built and continue to manage: Bee-Licious Honey. It is also a custom website on Shopify (though the owners wrote their own product descriptions).

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely! If you're not happy at the end of your first month, I'll refund that month's cost. I put much love and attention to detail into my work, always with an eye to where it will deliver the most business value for you. I only wish to work with you so long as we feel our working relationship is of mutual benefit.

Where will my website be hosted?

At Shopify (basic plans starting at $29/month). Your domain name can stay wherever it is (Google Domains, GoDaddy, etc.), though I recommend Cloudflare Registrar or Hover. Email at your domain name can go through any number of services; Google's G Suite for email is one good option (Hover also offers email).

How do I pay you each month?

At the beginning of our work together, we’ll set up an ongoing monthly credit card payment of $850. At any time, you may pause or cancel by letting me know. I use Stripe, a secure and well-regarded payment processor, and you'll receive receipts as well as other transaction-related email directly through them.

I'm not located anywhere near Oregon, wouldn't it be better to work with someone closer to me?

There are many ways to overcome the challenges of working remotely these days. I will communicate with you in the ways that best suit you (email, phone, video calls). I do find video calls particularly helpful for working remotely, because we are able to share our computer screens that way, and I can walk you through various things.

I asked one of my clients located in Wisconsin about this and he said: "Working long distance is not a benefit but it is not a disadvantage. Your communications have been great."

You're just one person. What happens to my website if something happens to you?

I'm glad you asked, I think about this too. I build your website in code, and I'll give you access to where that code is safely stored. Steve Jobs spoke of how computers should be beautiful on the inside too (in terms of their hardware), and similarly the websites I build are beautiful on the 'inside' (the code itself).

What that means on a more practical level is that another web developer of a similar caliber and background would be able to step in at any time. Not only do I care how your website looks on the 'inside', I even add additional 'comments' in the code so that it is clear to another developer exactly what each piece is doing.

Have more questions?

Book a call to discuss them (just a friendly chat, not a sales call). I only want to work with you if I'm confident I can generate a positive return on your investment!

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