'Honey Flow' Promotion

Business owners have been conditioned to throw advertising money at mediums that are questionable – a random newspaper ad (very expensive), yellow pages display ads, etc. Then they design their own website and throw up a few Facebook posts and expect to expand their markets.

There are so many places you can post content: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, your own website and blog. How do you know which places are most effective for driving actual sales? How frequently do you post? Can you reuse content across multiple channels or must it be different for each one?

Imagine having someone who knew all about bees and your business handling all of this for you, so that you could focus on what you love: beekeeping. Someone keeping your social media pages abuzz with activity on a weekly basis. Someone crafting emails to your subscriber list to bring in more sales from existing customers. Someone writing fresh, interesting content for your blog to bring in new buyers from search engines.

Don’t let your site and social media channels sit stagnant. Get content posted for your audience throughout each month. Consistency is key.

I’ll handle promotional activities to build your online sales through social media, search engine optimization, and email marketing. I’ll monitor your analytics to ensure that our promotional activities are providing a good return. And I’ll guide you in choosing new promotional strategies to pursue.

You’ll receive monthly reports with a clear, high-level understanding of what we’ve achieved, what we’re working on, and what we’ll pursue next. We’ll also have a monthly video call where I’ll be happy to field all of your questions and brainstorm strategies for business growth.

How we'll do this and what you'll get

During the first month, we’ll focus on creating a customized promotional plan to determine which methods will likely work best for you in terms of driving more sales. That strategy work sets the stage for future months, starting with highly experimental months to test and refine the plan we've created, followed by consistent implementation.

Each month, I’ll create—and share for you—branded pieces of content written in your business’s unique voice, such as blog posts, social media posts, supporting graphics, search and social media ads, and email newsletters.

By its nature, this type of work is often a longer-term investment, but it will continue to pay off over time by bringing in an ever-growing stream of new customers, as well as increasing the value of your repeat customers by driving up customer lifetime value.

Here’s the sort of work I’ll do:

  • Create content for social media (along with supporting graphics) and develop new ideas to increase engagement and reach
  • Write interesting new blog posts to increase traffic from search engines
  • Formulate targeted email campaigns to send out as e-newsletters
  • Create nicely designed and branded informational PDFs to amplify your message and increase demand for your products
  • Monitor analytics data to determine your most valuable traffic sources (the ones referring the most visitors who also then buy from you)
  • Segment your customers based on their buying habits and personalize your e-newsletters to increase customer lifetime value
  • Set up Facebook Ads, tracking pixels, custom audiences, and retargeting (if desired)
  • Set up Google Local listing and Google AdWords (if desired)

Ready to get started? Book a quick call to discuss how we might work together on driving qualified traffic to your website (or email me if you'd prefer).

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Have questions?

Can I hire you to keep posting fresh content when we're done?

Absolutely! I offer ongoing promotional arrangements if you'd prefer to spend your time with your bees and your family, rather than constantly trying to come up with new and engaging posts for Facebook, Instagram, your blog, your website, and your email newsletters.

Can I run with what you've done as a model?

Certainly! Feel free to model your content on what I've done. You'll also be able to monitor the analytics we set up together so that you can ensure your promotional activities are making a positive difference.

Have more questions?

Book a call to discuss them (just a friendly chat, not a sales call). I only want to work with you if I'm confident I can generate a positive return on your investment!

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Elise Fog

I'm Elise Fog, and I help beekeepers sell more honey to more people, by leveling up their online marketing.

I 💛 bees, and happen to take many bee photos. I also spread the buzz about the vital importance of bees at savebees.org 🐝