Promotional Plan



If you ask online store owners, the two biggest struggles they face are: converting traffic into actual sales, and getting that traffic to begin with.

A mix—of search engines, social media, advertising, blogging, personalization, and email marketing—is essential for bringing in just the right traffic. The goal is to leverage the right mix of strategies to reliably bring in more website traffic and increasing sales.

This service includes three months of work. During the first month, we’ll focus on creating a customized promotional plan to determine which methods will likely work best for you in terms of driving more sales growth.

The mix of tactics you use will be unique to your business, and depends on your particular niche and desired buyers, as well as on how fast you’d like to see results, and also your interest in—and budget for—paid advertising (such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, among others).

For the last two months, I’ll create—and share for you—branded pieces of content written in your business’s unique voice, such as blog posts, social media posts, supporting graphics, search and social media ads, and email newsletters personalized to customer segments. This is the work I also do in my Growth Strategy monthly service.

Here’s the sort of work I’ll do:

  • Formulate targeted email campaigns to send out as e-newsletters
  • Write new blog posts to increase traffic from search engines
  • Create nicely designed and branded informational PDFs to amplify your message and increase demand for your products
  • Create content for social media (along with supporting graphics) and develop new ideas to increase engagement and reach
  • Monitor analytics data to determine your most valuable traffic sources (the ones referring the most visitors who also then buy from you)
  • Segment your customers based on their buying habits and personalize your website to increase customer lifetime value
  • Set up Facebook Ads, tracking pixel, custom audiences, and retargeting (if desired)
  • Set up Google Local listing and Google AdWords (if desired)

By the end of three months, you should have a model with which you can run yourself (or have an employee take over). Alternately, I’d be happy to continue helping you!